Red Dog Rule

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Overview: The red dog is played with a deck of 52 cards. The bank distributes to the player two cards the goal being to bet on the fact that the 3rd card will be framed by the first two. Ex: the first 2 cards are 4 and 10, you win if the third is 5. Your bet must be made before the cards are dealt. The first two determining the difficulty of the bet and therefore the value of his remuneration.

Obviously, the smaller the gap of the first 2 cards will be (so the realization of the hard bet), the more the gains will be important. These are exposed in the following table:

Difference of 1

5: 1

Difference of 2

4: 1

Difference of 3

2: 1

Difference greater than or equal to 4

1: 1


11: 1

Ex: The first 2 are 4 and 8, only 3 values ??will be winning: 5, 6 and 7. The difference is therefore 3.

After the distribution of the first two cards (so after the determination of the gap), it you is possible to double your stake.

If the first 2 cards follow each other (4, 5), your bet is returned to you.

If the first 2 cards are of the same rank, the third card is dealt, If this third has a rank identical to the first 2 then you make a Brelan (11: 1), if it is different, then your bet is returned to you.

In all cases you lose if the 3rd card is not “framed” by the first two.

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