Slot Machine Rule

Baccarat Prizes

Presentation: Each wheel has a number of symbols printed on it (usually 10 to 20, but this varies depending on the machines). Pulling the lever causes the rollers to roll. When the rolls slow down, independently of each other, each one will display one of the symbols in the dial of the slot machine. Depending on the symbol combinations, the player will win different amounts – often several times the initial bet.

Slot machines are pure entertainment and each machine has its own game world, do not hesitate to test them all to find your happiness.

The rules are simple and fun:
Bet by introducing in the slot (Slot). By default your bet will be one chip (check its value before any game). To increase your bet bet click on “Bet One”. And to bet the maximum of the slot machine, click on “Bet Max”.
Pull the handle (click on SPIN) to throw the rollers. These will turn independently and stop each in a random way. The slot machine will pay according to the winning combinations. A payout table shows players the winning combinations and their pay.

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