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Overview: Video Poker is the machine of choice for many players. His mastery is simple, the gains can be substantial and the game is thrilling. Unlike the famous slot machines, it is not just a question of chance; of luck, but the player can significantly influence the game as soon as he knows the rules. The goal of the game is simple: Shape your game to have the best possible hand.

The bets differ from one machine to another, so make sure that the one you decide to play on matches your player budget. It is always possible within the same machine to vary its bet with each given and with a coefficient of 5. On a Video Poker 1 € the chip you can bet from 1 to 5 chips at the beginning of each deal. By default, your bet will be one chip. You can increase the bet bet by clicking on “bet more” and make the maximum bet by clicking on the “Bet Max” button.

Tap “Deal” to receive your five cards. You can then keep the cards that suit you and change the ones you do not want. Select the satisfactory cards and click again on “deal” to draw new cards.

The machine then pays you according to the value of your hand.

At any time if you want to take the chips not played, click on the button “Cash”.

Here is the list of paid hands in order of value:

Royal Flush: Five cards of the same color and following each other while being led by an Ace. (Ex: As (heart), K (heart), Q (heart), J (heart), 10 (heart))

Straight Flush: Five cards of the same color and following each other. (Ex: 8 (Tile), 7 (Tile), 6 (Tile), 5 (Tile), 4 (Tile))

Square: Four cards of the same value. (Ex: 10 (heart), 10 (Spades), 10 (Clover), 10 (Diamonds))

Full: Three cards of the same value + two cards of another same value. (Ex: V (Spades), V (Diamonds), V (Clover), 7 (Heart), 7 (Spades))

Color: Five cards of the same color. (Ex: 5 (Clover), 10 (Clover), K (Clover), V (Clover), 8 (Clover), 2 (Clover))

Straight: Five cards that follow each other. (Ex: K (heart), Q (Diamonds), J (Clover), 10 (Spades), 9 (Clover))

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value. (Ex: V (Clover), V (heart), V (Spades), K (Heart), 2 (Clover))

Two pairs: Twice 2 cards of the same value. (Ex: 10 (Heart), 10 (Clover), 2 (heart), 2 (Spades), D (Clover))

Pair: Two cards with the same value. Attention the two cards in question must be figures (Valet or better – Jacks or better). (Ex: K (Clover), K (Heart), 2 (Diamonds), J (Spades), 5 (Clover)

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